Monday, 8 August 2011

Counting the minutes

Well I haven't blogged for a while and thought I should tonight. We are really in the home stretch with's hard to believe. I would say for sure that he will be home by the end of next the latest! - At least that's what the doctors are hoping for - we know things can change and so I am not trying to get too excited.

What a journey it has been - and everything seems so crazy right now... Kallie is being watched by friends and family throughout the day, Angela is down with Bronson, staying there each night and I am here taking care of work and trying to make it down when I can - a break would be nice - we will get there soon enough.

Our only concern at this point is that Bronson keeps having some mild seizures... we don't know what's causing it... I am really hoping that these things clear up and that he can began to have a 'normal' life... whatever that is. He turns 3 months tomorrow... hard to believe. So much has happened.

Thanks again for all your prayers... even though we (or should I say 'I') don't update a lot with the busy-ness of it all, we really do appreciate your prayers... they are getting us through this. It will be good to be a whole family again!

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