Friday, 22 July 2011

A new life...

It's easy sometimes to question why things question if God is involved or if He just stands by and watches while we suffer. It can be hard to trust God, especially when things are tough... 
From the beginning I have believed and prayed psalm 91 over Bronson's life - that because we love God, he would bring us through this and show Bronson his salvation. So here we are. 

Long before Angela and I met, Angela had a baby sister, born 21 years ago - a girl that speaks very loudly and can say some of the craziest things-but more importantly a girl who loves unconditionally and selflessly. 

We can question at times our purpose in this life... Jeremiah 29.11 says 'I know the plans God has for you...plans to prosper you-not to harm you ... Plans to give you a bright hope and future'. 

21 years ago Sarahbeth came into this world-not knowing she would live to save another. Not knowing that God made her so perfect for a surgery that would save our boy. 

We were told today that Sarah's liver was not shaped normally. Instead of being a bit thicker it seemed to be long and skinnier- making her the perfect donor for Bronson. Sometimes a donors liver can be too big making recovery time a bit more complicated. For example, a liver too big can mean they have to remove the spleen, making it necessary for Bronson to be on a drug for the rest of his life. Sometimes a liver is too big that they would have to leave him open for a few days-which can lead to other complications. But 21 years ago God made SB with a 'clinically perfect' liver to be able to donate to our son. - 21 years ago SB became a hero long before she knew it. 

Sarahbeth is resting. Feeling sick but fighting through. Our son is resting. With a healthy liver that is doing its job and is all closed up. Yes we still have a long road ahead of us. But because of our hero, this road is now a bit easier to travel. 
Sarahbeth you are a God-send and Bronson's personal angel. Thanks for being there for us! 

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