Saturday, 4 June 2011


“Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things - with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.”

Patience is a virtue... No, actually it's more of a pain in the butt. Bronson has made so much progress. And to be able to hold him today makes us want to bring him home so much more... He seems to be doing so well, yet he still has such a long ways to go. 
Today was a good day. His Jaundice levels dropped from about 290 to 230 (still a long ways from zero), and his clotting levels are a bit better. 

He has been at SickKids for almost a month... it's hard to believe... almost a month ago we didn't know what to expect... almost a month ago we almost lost our one and only son - but here we are... one month into this and we've grown closer together as a family...closer together as a husband and wife... closer together as people who trust in a loving God. 

It's incredible that through all of this..through the tough patches...through the sad times, the peace that we still feel from God. Don't get me wrong, I want my boy home and I wish he was home from day one... but for whatever the reason is that we can't have him yet, we are trusting that God has a purpose and is working it out in his time... 

If you've been reading from the beginning of our journey, I hope you've hugged your child, your spouse, your family member that much more... I hope you've taken the time to cherish the time you have with your loved ones that much more... because we never know what tomorrow brings... 
14 How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone. - James 4v14

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