Sunday, 26 June 2011

Only Takes a Moment

In a moment your life can change... You can be welcoming your new son in the world and in the next moment you can see him flying overhead to SickKids Hospital. In a moment you can see your child in the NICU and the next you can see him breathing on his own, in his own room, acting as normal as a baby should! Oh and his sister and cousins got to really meet him for the first time today! Very exciting!

I've learned to cherish every moment... I've learned to thank God more and more in the good times and the bad - and I am so thankful for where we are now! Bronson is doing great... Over this past week he has been moved out of the NICU and to a different floor - he is definitely making great progress. Today I was able to bottle feed him! He did pretty good - what a great feeling... tomorrow night Ang is going to sleep over with him... All these things that we could never imagine happening are actually pretty exciting things!

Though we don't miss the NICU for obvious reasons, we do miss the nurses! Jane and her right hand girl Hailey, Judith, Megan, whom we have never met because of night shift, but always took time to give Bronson a bath... These people are so undervalued - And of course our nurse practitioners and doctors, like Didi and Dr. Anders, who is now back in New Zealand... we are truly blessed to live in this country!

Bronson still has a lot of fluid build up on his tummy. We need to continue to see improvement in his liver and hope you'll continue to pray along with us as fervently as you did from the beginning! Though I have no doubt the miracle of medicine has played a big role in Bronson's life, I have seen God's hand through this whole process... We couldn't have made it without the peace that comes from knowing Christ - we couldn't have made it without all of you, around the world, praying for Bronson... 'The fool in his heart says there is no God (Psa. 14) - let him say that when he's in our shoes. Through the good and the bad I will praise the name of the Lord.

Angela and I were talking on the way down to the hospital today... saying that there were points throughout this journey that we would drive home secretly thinking that we were going to get a call that night telling us the worst has happened... There have been times as I've prayed that I pleaded my case with God...asking for Bronson to be able to live out the full days of his life... but at the same time trusting that He had the big picture in front of him, and even though it tore me apart to think it... that we were trusting God to do His will for the glory of the Kingdom of God - I am glad He is giving Bronson back his strength... :)

Bronson is still not out of the woods... but that sunlight is certainly shining through. The more I think about what we have gone through the more I think about the glory of God... In the month of August we are going through a DVD series from Passion called 'How Great Is Our God'. Louie Giglio walks you through things as big as the stars in our galaxy to things as tiny as the science behind what holds our body together... No matter how big our problems are...our God is bigger - no matter the position of our joy or sorrow, our God has a plan and as purpose through everything... and for that I am thankful today. (If you would like to see this series and you're in our area, please check us out!)

Continue to pray for Bronson... and tonight please also pray for our Pennie... who needs a miracle... we are so humbled and blessed to have so many of you lift us up in prayer! Thank you!

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