Tuesday, 21 June 2011

On The Mend...

It's been a while since I've updated with a post so here we go. Bronson is doing so well! We are so happy with his progress... Each day he is more awake and more alert - it's just this darn liver. His Jaundice levels have increased to about 330... whatever that means... but it's not changing his progress at this point... he 'looks' the best he has since day one.

There is talk of moving him to a different floor because 'he no longer needs the assistance of the NICU' - but they are going to wait till he is weaned off of the last of his pain killers. It seems strange that we haven't seen improvement in his liver yet, but I am believing that any day things are going to start improving...

This past Sunday I spoke for Father's Day at our church (www.btcc.ca). It had to be one of the toughest messages I've ever given. By faith I spoke boldly believing that God is going to bring our little guy through this. By faith I continue to believe that's going to happen.

Please continue to pray... I know it's easy as time moves on to forget about the urgency of prayer because we get used to a situation... It's the way our society builds us... Please continue to pray because we know it's only through prayer that he is going to rebound now... we don't want to even consider the thought of a liver transplant. He's going to get better...even better than he is now... he's going to be home soon.... By faith I am believing for this!

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