Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Good Day

As I write this, my little boy is resting in my arms. It's quite the feeling every time we get to hold him. He seems to be doing so well but his billi levels show differently. In the past 2 days they have jumped almost 50 points. 

Everyday is a roller coaster. Tears of sorrow and tears of joy. Angela just finished giving him a bath-so proud to watch them. As he sleeps now I can't help but feel hopeful. Yes the doctors are concerned and yes we have reason to be concerned. But I am reminded even as we speak with them that God is much bigger than these issues. 

We have an incredible team of doctors and nurses working with out boy- and by the grace of God if it wasn't for them, he might not be here right now. But I am believing that beyond the diagnoses of his liver at the moment... Beyond the concerns... God is going to be faithful. I have every feeling to believe that he will be restored. 

It's days like today that I could sit here for hours and rock him. I took time this morning to read to him Psalm 91 and John 16.33. We believe in a big God-and there my hope will rest. 

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  1. Hi Jon
    Here at Evangel Temple, we have been praying fervently for Bronson. I am keeping our congregation aware of updates on his condition. Also praying for you and rest of the family.
    Pastor Gary H. Beesley