Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Everyday takes faith.

Sunday-Father's Day-....

Everyone deals with suffering differently. Some get angry, some scared... Some simply lose faith in a world that has continued to spin while theirs has come to a screeching halt. 
What do you do when you lose a loved one? Or like our friends to the south, what do you do when your home and ecerything you know is ripped from you through horrific tornadoes. 
What kind of God lets this happen? 

Mike (my brother and lead pastor at btcc) asked me about two weeks ago to speak on Father's Day. With hesitation I said yes. Part of me doesn't want to-mostly because as a father I can hardly keep it together knowing my son is battling for his life. Mostly because there are times I feel helpless knowing that all I can do is trust God and trust the doctors to bring our boy through this.
Yet I am still on deck for Sunday. My thoughts are based a bit around the story of Abraham and Isaac. Why? 

Four years ago as you know I had my own battle with cancer. Because of this I didn't know if Ang and I would ever have kids. During the next few years while I was in youth ministry I came across a particularly tough situation - a student had 'cried wolf' regarding a tough situation and I had to act. Unfortunately I was wrong - and parents were obviously upset. As I spoke with a very upset mother - who - in a moment of tears and anger said 'how could you ever know, you don't have children'...

I let it wash off my back because I knew she was hurt and really didn't mean it, but it still stuck with me. A nerve that no one knew about was hit.
There where nights when I would pray so hard to believe that God would still bless us with children. When I would 'remind him' of Psalm 91- that because we loved him, he would grant us long life and show us his salvation - his favor. 
And here we are. Another day sitting on the train, heading to SickKids. I can't help but feel a little of Abrahams pain. Though the Scriptures don't say anything about his fear of sacrificing his son (Gen: 22), I am sure there were questions going through his mind. 
At the end of the day though he never questioned God... Never doubted him - and God saved Isaac from death. 

So here I am. Heading to see Bronson who still needs healing - who still has a liver that is not up to par - who still needs our prayers. 
My topic on Sunday is still finding hope through suffering. God still knows our pain and struggles. Even though he gave Man the freedom to ignore him and live for themselves, it is in time of sorrow that he reminds us that he is here to walk us through it and bring us out unharmed. 

As my brother reminds me-three boys were thrown into the fire for not giving up on their heavenly father - three boys came out not even with the smell of smoke on them...(Dan 3: 19-28)

If you're around I'd love for you to join us on Sunday. It will be a day to remember for me. Hopefully the same for you.

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