Sunday, 29 May 2011

May 24th

May 24: 9:57pm
Home now watching the Canucks/Sharks game... Got home about an hour's been a long day. 
So today they started him on radiation. I really wasn't sure what to think because they were so worried about moving him over to PMH for the procedure - but everything has gone fine... they have such an incredible team at SickKids. We travelled from the NICU, over to this old part of SickKids (that looked like it belonged in a horror I was going to see the guy from '28 Days Later' wake up out of his coma and start running from zombies...)  - down underground to this passage that went across the street and up to the radiation department. 

We are truly blessed to live in such a country with access to such amazing health care. 
My fears and concerns were quickly put to rest once he was in the room... he is still on a ventilator, but not as extreme as the original one he was on. So he is breathing better and is beginning to get rid of more fluids... so day by day he seems to be doing better. 
It makes me wonder at times if there is such thing as a 'normal' life. Some couldn't imagine going through what we are going through, but maybe we're simply getting it all out of the way now and are going to enjoy the rest of our life... ;)

Besides the great hands he is in at S.K's, it has only been by the grace of God that we are making it through this with our nerves still intact. The hardest thing is to see him in the position he is in...and physically, not be able to do anything for him - but God is in control... and knowing that is what keeps us going. 
People go day-to-day never really thinking about the role God plays in their life - and when their world turns upside down they wonder where He went... I know in a broken world bad things happen that breaks the heart of God... but I know that He is moved by the incredible movement of prayer that is being lifted to Heaven for this little guy... and in that I know we will make it through this. 
We just called for an update and he is resting well... so with that I know I will rest well... and those of you who are starting your day on the other side of the world... please start with a prayer for us while we rest. 
Good night world. 

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