Sunday, 29 May 2011

May 22nd... What Holds Your Awe?

May 22 - 9:32pm

Today felt like our first real progress... it wasn't even that we were given news that was entirely different from what we had heard - but that it was the first time we really felt that the doctors saw promise in the situation - that they felt this was a battle we were going to win. - Hope. 

Hope is an incredible thing. With it, we have the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel... with it we have the strength to move forward... even when the odds can be stacked against us... hope tells us that things are going to work out just fine. 

Hope is what we have felt from day 1 because of the prayers from around the world... Though many of us are thousands of miles from each other... we've been united by a common cause... - to see God's promises restore this little body. 

Cancer has the ability to steal peoples' awe. It has the ability to make people feel defeat when they hear the words and say "I am so sorry for your situation". It has the ability to make us forget that the star-breathing God, became the cross-bearing Saviour, and is now the hope-giving Friend. 

Our hope from the beginning is that God would restore our son... and we are beginning to see proof of that... We may still have bad days, but our hope is in a Christ that defeated the grave... a man who claimed to be thee Christ, and proved so by coming back to life 3 days after a horrible death. 

So that's where my hope continues to stand. We have hope because Bronson is in the best hands in Canada... if not better. We have hope because so many around the world have felt it in their heart to pray for our little guy... We have hope because even when it can seem like it's over... it's not. 

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