Sunday, 29 May 2011

May 21st

May 21st - 11pm

Today we spent some well needed time with Kallie... took her to the park... had a bbq, watched a movie. Just one day to feel like things are normal again... but unfortunately they are far from it. It's not easy to come home and see an empty room where your little boy should be resting peacefully. Instead you're reminded of the fact that he is fighting hard at SickKids. 
I'll be 28 years old this fall. I remember when I was 21 I just didn't have the best year... as I blew out the candles on my cake and thought..."so long 21... you will not be missed..." 23 came along and I ended up at Princess Margaret... "so long 23... you will not be missed"... (except for my wedding... good times had by all :)  ). 
10 years ago, Ang and I hardly knew each other. We worked at the same camp but didn't really talk. And as we walked the paths down at the camp today I couldn't help but picture the younger versions of ourselves... If we only knew what life had in store for us... 

I'm tired of surprises... We just want our boy to be safe and sound in our home... I hope you continue to come along side of us and pray. Pray specifically that his markers will decrease... that his platetes will strengthen... that his body would be restored to full health - that he can sleep in his own bed. 

Good night. 

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