Sunday, 29 May 2011

May 10th... daily updates

Latest update May 10 @ 130pmHis spleen is fine but his liver is 4x the size it should be. This may be causing his fast pace breathing. They have no idea at this point what is causing this problem. A team is coming around 3-330 to update us with some info. Hopefully they have some good news!
The doctors have made their rounds. They have taken blood and will research. There are about 5 different specialists plus a whole team looking into Bronson's case. They still have no idea what the main issue is and wondered if this could be something he lives with for the rest of his life. Let's pray that by the time the results come back (possibly a few days) that he shows improvement and healing.

We have talked to 6 specialists now. Each with their own field, trying to see if any of the symptoms fit their field. No such "luck"We are hoping to get some word back tomorrow on new details. We will see.

Heading home for the night.
Bronson is under a blue light getting phototherapy. He currently has jaundice because of his liver and the levels have gone up. Please prayer specifically that these levels will decrease. Let's take this war one battle at a time.

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